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I recently purchased a 2010 Saab 9-3 Aero convertible for my daughter from Scott Carr’s Auto Shack and can honestly say these folks really know their business. I had been looking for over a year and couldn’t find a Saab that I truly felt comfortable with. This Saab was gorgeous but it had high mileage. Fortunately for me, they had switched out the engine, thereby taking a somewhat higher mileage car, that looks great, and gave it an engine with less than 50K miles on it; not to mention all the nice new engine related parts, etc. Probably a tricky project for some places to do, but not for these folks. This is my 3rd Saab and I believe the nicest one of them all to drive. I was referred to Scott Carr’s Auto Shack by my Rhode Island mechanic. I purchased the vehicle and within a week or two I had a problem with the AC condenser. I was very impressed in the manner in which they handled it. No haggling at all, simply said, bring it in and we’ll take care of it. And they did, and at no cost to me. Very professional. Really, I was impressed with the overall experience. Would I recommend Scott Carr’s Shack to family and friends, absolutely. One last point I believe worthy of mention, that is to say, when you first meet Scott, you may find him just a tad precipitous in his manner, but don’t let it bother you, because it will be your loss if you do. Believe me, Scott is a very honest, sincere, and trustworthy individual, and I mean that sincerely; because quite frankly I would not have purchased a used vehicle for my 22 year old daughter from anyone I didn’t have confidence and trust in. Bottom line, Scott and his son Matt are good people, they know their stuff, they’re professional, and I’m very happy I purchased this car from them and highly recommend them.

George V.
Cranston, RI
Over-the-moon happy with Scott and Matt. The Volvo we bought from them was an amazing value. Scott and his son Matt have our full trust and know the good cars from the not-so-good. We just got back from a trip across Canada and the V70 was the most comfortable car we've ever driven. We're on our eighth Volvo wagon and have dealt with many, many garages. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Carr's to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, straightforward, honest car dealer. The inter-state purchase paperwork went flawlessly and their follow-through is better than a new car dealership. A+ guys.

A. Hill
I was very happy to find Scott Carr's Auto Shack. The team there is honest, fair, very knowledgeable and great communicators throughout the whole process. The work is always completed promptly and thoroughly. I expect many more years of happy motoring with my Saab 9-5 under these guys' expert care. Definitely worth the drive!

Mark C.
Boston, MA
I have trusted the team at Scott Carr's Shack with the service of my Saab since I bought it from them. My family has purchased multiple vehicles from them, and had all of our service work done there as well! I always drop my vehicle off with confidence that they are fair, no their way throughout these cars inside and out, and will keep me informed as repairs are being completed. With fast and friendly service my recommendation is to take your car to Scott Carr's Auto Shack.

Jensen S.
Northborough, MA
I purchased my 2006 Saab 9-3 Wagon at Scott Carr's Auto Shack, and they have been servicing it ever since. I love the car, and only trust them to work on it. They know the vehicles service schedule and always work quickly to get my car back to me with a full report of what they did. Fair prices and honesty make Scott Carr's Auto Shack the only place I will take my Saab for service.

Lorri S.
Northborough, MA
Being in Commercial Insurance Sales I'm on the road most every day, so having a dependable car is very important.
As a SAAB owner I've learned when it needs service, work must be done by an expert. Scott and Matthew are just that - Experts.

Talk with them for a few minutes and you'll realize their passion for Saabs and their thorough understanding of the design and mechanics of the car.
I highly recommend Scott Carr's Auto Shack for any service needed, especially Saab.

Robert G.
Hi Matt and Scott. Sandy and I are very happy with our 2007 Anniversary 9-3. You were both easy to deal with and trustworthy, and you had a great car to sell us. You had all the work done you promised, all the paperwork ready, and were friendly and engaging. Saabs are not for everyone, but this is our sixth, and the best by far. Thanks again!

Jim L.
Williamsburg, MA
Dear Matt and Scott:
I have to tell you, the 2011 SAAB 9-3 XWD you sold me is just what the doctor ordered. My heart starts pumping when I drive this car? I know SAAB also makes fighter-jets which is what I feel like I'm driving when I'm behind the wheel.
I never thought I could own such a nice vehicle, but you guys made it happen with your unique restoration process. Heck, my wife wants one now. Looking at the "before" and "after" pictures of my car gives me further appreciation of the work you can do. Your attention to detail is so precise. In fact, my uncle the car buff who owns a 2004 SAAB, couldn't believe it when I showed him the pictures.
I further appreciated Matt's knowledge of the vehicle and honesty when explaining where the car came from and how you restored it. He won my trust which is why I had no problem signing on the dotted line. I'll be sending my friends your way for sure?
Keep up the good work.

All the Best,
Dave H.
If you are ever looking to buy a used Saab it can be a slippery slope, especially if you are fortunate enough to find Scott Carr's Auto Shack. Real slippery if you go there after a snow storm because the driveway is a steep downhill but well worth the effort to navigate. We were looking for a newer Saab for our daughter and were referred here from our current Saab service company. After meeting Scott and his son Matthew I came away with the feeling I was dealing with two people who are passionate about their work and honest to a fault which is very difficult to find these days. Soon after the meeting we purchased a 9.3 and I have been very satisfied with the result. When we left we fullt understood that we would need a few things like new tires etc and Scott was very clear as to exactly what he would do if he had decided to keep the car (it is a convertible and this was in January) until the spring. So here it is, the first warm Saturday and we are having a blast since our daughter is away at school and the car NEEDS to go for a ride. If you are thinking about a used Saab all I can say is I will not hesitate to recommend these guys but will have no problem going back to get another one.

Bob B.

After arriving at Scott Carr's Auto Shack and observing the attention to detail of the work completed, I knew I had come to the right dealer. I'ts immediately clear, speaking with Scott and Matthew, that they are both extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Saabs. After picking up the car, the quick responses to me inquiries were much appreciated; I was not forgotten about as soon as I drove off of the lot. I would highly recommend Scott and Matthew to anyone in the market for a high quality Saab.

Matt, Thanks for all your assistance and great service. A few weeks ago I was in car jail, my 9000 was down and out and my 16year old son was now driving so I was in very tight sneakers with my wife to fix the car problem ASAP. I have driven SAABs basically my entire driving career starting with a 1970 99 (still my favorite one) then a 1987 900 (300 K miles before retired) and currently a 1992 900 and the 1997 9000. Scott and Matt were great people right from the start. I could tell they were honest and truly loved the SAABs they sold and repaired. I purchased a used/rebuilt 2006 9-3 from them and am extremely happy with the car. Matt also was more than willing to take a look and see what he could do with the broken down 9000. Long story short the 9000 was repaired and I am now back up and running, I highly recommend the SAABs that Scott Carr's Auto Shack sells and repairs.

Stephen R.
Hopedale, MA
My last experience working with Scott and Mathew at Scott Carr's Auto Shack was so good that I actually just purchased another Saab from them. I won't bore you with the details of the car even though it is probably the sharpest Saab I have ever seen but I do want to relate what a pleasant journey I had working with them. The workmanship they did one the car was exceptional and they won't let the car leave until they are sure it is safe enough to have their own wife/mother get behind the wheel. I can't say enough good things about them and would highly recommend them to anyone I know who might be looking for a Saab or anyone who may need some help in repairing a Saab. Their knowledge and experience is second to none. Scott Carr even followed up with a phone call several days ago just to make sure we were satisfied (note to Scott...DECAF!) LOL. Anyway just a pleasant experience with two professionals.

Bob B.
Scott Carr’s Auto Shack provides very fair and honest work, and when my dash decided to act up, Scott Carr’s was there ready to figure it out with great honest and fair work. Not only did they provide excellent communications and accommodating working on a Sunday, they went above and beyond on attempting to find a set of roof racks for my 04’ 9-5, only to find out they left them at home. With great service, communications and the willingness to go the extra mile for a simple item, I highly recommend Scott Carr’s for any Saab service.

Scott G.
Wayland, MA
Matt and Scott are fantastic to deal with and recently helped me out big time getting some Saab winter wheels and snow tires set up on short notice. They are both true Saab guys, a pleasure to talk to, and I'd give them my business anytime. With 5 Saabs currently in the family, it's great to know guys like Matt and Scott are around!

Pete S.
Somerville, MA
Hey Scott, Mathew, and Alex just wanted to thank you guys again for the great service purchasing my 9-5 from you. Car runs great, looks good and is a lot of car for the money, not to mention the great service. Will definitely be coming back to see you on my next auto purchase.

Extremely satisfied,
Jeff P.
After getting the runaround from a dealer for over a year on some issues I was experiencing with my 2007 9-3, I decided to give Scott Carr's Auto Shack a chance. Boy, am I glad I did!! I came to them with a laundry list of issues and they took the time to diagnose each issue and make certain it was corrected. Their love for the Saab brand is apparent in every conversation. I don't mind the 90 mile round trip because I know I am going to be treated fairly and my car will be treated like it is their own.

Bill W.
Swansea, MA
Scott & Matt,

Just a quick note to let you know my son Cam made it safely to the University of Alabama in the 2008 9-3 we bought from you last month. Cam is extremely pleased with the car as are Laura and myself. We are not only happy with the car but also the buying experience. You take pride in your work and it shows in the product you offer. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Best regards,

Chris & Laura K.
Dear Matt & Scott,

Thank you for an excellent, the best, car buying experience I've ever had! You both truly take care of your customers and I've told my 20 year old to come here after college to buy his 1st car here.
The cars look like brand new, I'm not kidding when the CARR BOYS are done with it!!
Thank You,

Anne H.
Sterling, MA
What a group of Guys! I bought a 2008 Saab 9-3 from them over 6 months ago now. In just 6 months, I have put over 25,000 miles on the car and it runs great! They are very knowledgeable, very honest and very genuine. No matter what kind of car you are buying, go here! The guys are very friendly and very open and honest about the car buying process.

Barton H.
Boston, MA
To me a the first part of a successful sale happens when both parties understand and meet expectations. The main component on my side is being able to ask questions and get honest answers that I can understand, and that is exactly what I felt I got from Scott. The second part is the seller following through with support and service as advertised after the sale, and again I got this from Scott. In fact I would say the support was exceptional. I have had the car for about 3K miles and am very happy with it because it meets my expectations based on the research I did before the sale and the information received during the sale.

Michael P.
Matt and Scott were nothing but friendly and efficient, going out of their way to get my car serviced at a day and time that worked for me. They knew how desperate I was to get my car back, since I had to use neighbors, teacher friends, Uber, etc. just to get to and from work and even get my groceries. They are easy to talk to and great listeneres. My car purrs at this point...Thank you Scott and Matt.

Corrine E.
I was referred to Scott Carr's Auto Shack by a friend of mine as a shop that could get aftermarket parts at discount prices for my Focus ST. I was told to call Matt and he would take care of everything I needed, and I am glad that I did. Matt was very professional and worked with me to get the parts that I wanted at the best possible prices! He even went so far as to open the box of parts when they arrived at his shop to ensure that everything was in order and that nothing was damaged! For all my future parts purchases, I will be sure to call Matt! Thanks for everything!

Andrew P.
Leicester, MA
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